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“So what’s so Smart about Smart Deal Maker?” we hear you asking. Well quite a lot actually, we are another first to market online platform from co-founder Amin Saleem that firmly places the buyer in control when making large purchases. We have decades of online and commercial experience in developing and delivering cutting edge online solutions providing efficiency, security, and transparency for our clients.

We incorporate a Cap Gemini strategic planning tool BOSCARD in our projects, SMART project objectives criteria and GTD (Getting Things Done) – a time-management method created by David Allen. We are building our platform to utilise the latest technologies including anonymous decentralised encryption, Ethereum blockchain, Smart Contracts and Smart Bots. Incorporating this with the best business practices, methodologies, proprietary algorithms and our commercial experience will mean projects that are undertaken on our platform are far more likely to succeed.

We are just releasing our Beta v0.1  release of the platform, we are very excited about the potential of just our initial offering with our Smart Agent, this service will only represent a small fraction of what we are working on but we hope you like it. Social Enterprise UK and Smart Dealmaker have been working on launching our platform to enable its corporate partners to purchase through Social Enterprises more easily. Current partners of this world-first initiative are Amey, Interserve, Johnson & Johnson, PwC, Santander, Wates, Robertson Group and Zurich.Together, these businesses employ over 700,000 people around the world and have a combined turnover in excess of $200 billion.

Founder Amin Saleem 

Amin Saleem is the founder of government award-winning consumer champion AutoeBid.com, an online reverse auction platform that has generated over £230m in orders to date, saved thousands of UK clients several millions of pounds and attracted over a million unique users to the platform.


Founder Anthony Constantinou

Anthony Constantinou is a full stack developer and our CTO with more than 20 years developing solutions in a wide range of industries, most recently involved in a startup founded to help people develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


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Smart Dealmaker is a trading name for Commission it Limited (07410971), of 105 Heathwood Gardens, London, SE7 8ET