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We make it so easy to collaborate with your team, client, and suppliers from creating the specification for your requirements to commissioning the best most suitable supplier internationally.

All your project information, files, potential suppliers, partners, and clients sharing the information on any device and any location.

Our mission is to make it easier for your to get your project delivered on time, budget and beyond your client’s expectations.

Architects Project > Commissioning a set of glass stairs

Requirements – Simply log into your account on any device, create a name for your project, specify your requirement & upload relevant documents and images. You can now share your requirement with anyone including suppliers.

Research – Enter your search term in our platform to locate thousands of suitable suppliers to shortlist for your project.

Alternatively, use your preferred directories, supplier databases or search engines. Just download our Google Chrome plugin to enable you to shortlist suppliers as well as autofill contact forms with your project related info.

Shortlist – In your shortlist,  you can fine-tune your suppliers, do background checks, visit websites,   make notes & request quotes from a supplier, with the click of the “Request Quotes” button. We collect their contact email addresses for you if they have one, if not you can use our Google Chrome plugin to shortlist and automatically fill in any contact forms including a link to your requirement, saving you time.

Requests – You can monitor all your requests, view offers, instant message suppliers, get notifications & select a supplier to start your project. Out Smart calendar feature will also allow potential suppliers to schedule a time slot right from your diary without you having to play telephone or email ping pong. You can then manage the project with the supplier over the project delivery period and beyond. All in one place and on any device.

Status – You can view the status on every project easily including who you are awaiting information from.

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