How can Collective Purchasing/Collaboration benefit your organisation?

COLLECTIVECollective purchasing is becoming an integral part of the purchasing mix for more and more UK organisations.

Any area of consumable supply can utilise Collective Purcashing. Key areas such as Food, Drinks, Furniture, Pharmaceuticals,

Implementing a Collective Purchasing solutions ill provide your organisation with immediate rewards in terms of, negotiating better terms with suppliers, both in terms of cost and availability. Create economies of scale by benefiting from the buying power and shared intellect of the crowd.

If we don’t currently have items you wish to start Collectively Purchasing simply vote for what you want and we coordinate the deals with suitable suppliers, once we have enough demand we get the deal done for you.

Collective Purchasing is not successful in the retail environment for FMCG’s or low-value items. It is successful in the enterprise and should not be confused with supposed Group Buying retail services like Groupon any many others that offer pre-negotiated discounts offering daily deals. They don’t establish the demand and collectively seek out the best deal. They just sell what they can at a fixed price if they get enough people to buy it.

How to start?

Step 1 – Join or create a Collective Purchasing Group

Step 2 – Specify your purchase needs, we find others locally and nationally with the same needs

Step 3 – You get the best offers, we charge a small handling fee from you for the service, NOT from the suppliers giving you full transparency

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