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Requirements – Simply log into your account on any device, create a name for your project, provide the details & upload your best offer received for suppliers to beat. You can now share your requirement with anyone including suppliers.

Search – Hundreds of suppliers (on almost anything) instantly to obtain quotes from, click “Search” enter your search term & click “Shortlist”. You don’t even need to visit their websites.

Shortlist – In your shortlist,  you can fine-tune your suppliers, do background checks, visit websites,   make notes & request quotes from a supplier, with the click of the “Request Quotes” button. We collect their contact email addresses for you, if they have one, if not you can use our Google Chrome plugin and continue your search using any search engines/directories you prefer, just click the icon in your browser to shortlist the supplier and automatically fill in any contact forms including a link to your requirement, saving you hours.

Requests – You can monitor all your requests, view offers, instant message suppliers, get notifications & select a supplier to start your project. You can then manage the project with the supplier over the project delivery period and beyond. All in one place and on any device.

Projects – You can view all your projects in your dashboard, highlighting progress link projects and providing transparency for your entire team.

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