Services to help you to buy and sell better

Through our Smart Agent service, we currently offer a FREE RFQ-Request for Quote service that allows you to research and find suppliers, share your requests, shortlist those suppliers and request information or quotes for any service or items. The system is also ideal if you are looking to sell any items/assets in the same way.

We will be implementing many new key features to improve the user experience and the range of services over the coming months. (More on How We Work)

All your data in one central place for everyone to share and make life a little easier. Specify your requirements, budget, and terms and we get the market to compete for your business, saving you time, effort and money. We don’t limit the market to preferred suppliers so you get the best availability and deals to suit you!

Key current FREE offerings:

RFQ-Request for Quote

Beat My Deal

Architects Commission of Glass Stairs Example

Consumer Kitchen Worktop Example

Quantity Surveyor Materials Example

Probate Selling RFQ Example



Up & coming new features:

Wanted Ads

Collective Purchase


Online Bookings

Outsource Obtaining Quotes – Obtaining quotes might sound like a simple task, however, it can be very time consuming and not having the expertise in understanding what you are looking to achieve, who to contact and how to get the best results for you could end up causing your project to fail. We are experts in this area, this is our core business so you are far more likely to get the best total deal for you and the supplier. More info

Outsource Procurement – We offer an individual or entire group of experts who provide a wide range of services to all project participants involved or interested in the activities relating to the purchasing/disposal of materials and supplies required for project implementation. More info

Beat My Deal – Use this service if you are Buying, Hiring or Selling any product or service at the last stage before you sign on the line. You might think the deal you have is great, but how do you really know that without checking? Find out more about how we could save you thousands.

Benchmarking Suppliers – It’s vital to continually benchmark your suppliers, sadly these days some suppliers have a policy of offering better deals to new clients than existing loyal ones. We start with a simple Benchmark Audit document then conduct an in-depth benchmarking process.

Supplier Management – Engaging with and continually maintaining lines of communications with your supplier will not only increase the chances of getting better outcomes for your project but is likely to allow you to increase the desire by your suppliers to compete and want your business that much more on contract renewal. We also become your gatekeepers, transfer all your inbound cold callers to us and utilise our tools to allow potential new suppliers to queue up on your system for each contract at renewal automatically, this alone should make your entire enterprise more efficient and focused on growing your core business and not dealing with annoying cold callers.