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Use our tools to request quotes for anything within your browser from any supplier, forget having to visit each website finding the contact section, then having to email each supplier separately or worst still having to complete every online contact form with your information and not being able to include any attachments. You no longer have to try to remember what companies you have already contacted, who are you waiting for quotes from or have to wonder if you are getting the Best Possible Deal. Best still everyone in your team will be able to access the progress on each and every project on any device and any location, therefore, projects don’t have to grind to a halt when people in your team are absent. How We Work…

Smart Buddy – Smart Buddy is your Smart Agent in the cloud. Smart Buddy lets you add sites and suppliers to your projects as you browse and auto fills forms (with a link to your project so suppliers can view all your requirement data including attachments) if a supplier doesn’t provide an email address or phone number. It helps you to research and shortlist suppliers, requests and manage quotes from multiple suppliers, request recommendations from friends, family and associates and receive communications from suppliers in real-time. There are also live agents ready and waiting to assist you with your projects or handle them for you.

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