Smart Dealmaker Buddy v 0.2.1


Smart Dealmaker Buddy is your FREE browser extension tool that will save you a lot of time and help you to manage your sourcing needs far better than any other method that we know of.

It makes researchshortlisting, keeping notes, managing communications a breeze.

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Smart Dealmaker Buddy lets you:

  • Add sites and suppliers to your projects (as you browse, with one click)
  • Reduce repetitive tasks it autofill’s forms with your project requirements, contact details (and links to attachments)
  • Automatically collects contact info and ads the site to your shortlist
  • Keep a form fill record makes it easier to know what companies you contacted and when
  • Make notes while you surf stored in your shortlist
  • Get notifications receive and manage notifications on your projects while you surf
  • Forget bookmarks much easier to use than just bookmarking

Download SD Buddy FREE


Everyone hates having to deal with online enquiry forms. Not only having to deal with the repetitive task of entering your contact info but specifying your specific requirement and many forms don’t allow you to upload your attachments relating to your project. On top of that, how do you remember what forms you have completed and when?

In order to be an astute purchaser, you should always obtain at least 3 written quotes for every project. To do that you probably need to contact 5-8 companies to obtain three quotes that meet your time-scale and budget. Now if you are dealing with a complex project that involves many companies such as an event or a building project. Using buddy will not only save you a heap of time but will make managing the process far easier.

Download* our in-browser extension from the Google Chrome web store FREE here