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We’ve all used a Supplier Directory in the past from the most common like Yell to specialist industry sourcing directories. It’s staggering to think that some service like 118 118 charges a staggering £8.98 per call + £4.49 just to connect you to a supplier.

Ultimately most people using a Supplier Directory are after a local service provider and can access much of the information online for FREE. The problem is most of these directories are very last century, they present you with any supplier that pays them (if you are to find them) regardless of their ethics or ability to provide the product/service.

How many times have you found local suppliers in a directory that don’t respond to emails or calls and or worst still are not even trading. The reason for this is its very labour intensive to update and manage supplier directories effectively, just look at some of the largest most successful every directories like DMOZ (the open directory project), Yahoo’s Directory and Google’s own Directory they have all been closed down.

It’s no surprise many people now don’t bother with directories and either do a Google search or use a vertical marketplace or price comparison website as they are more efficient and effective.

But hold on a minute, price comparison sites and vertical marketplaces only provide a fraction of that particular market from its results and only include suppliers who pay them to be included in their results, so you don’t always get a true picture of the entire market. In some cases, these marketplaces are also owned by a specific company who provides the appearance of providing a comparison of the market but have a hidden agenda in promoting their own group products or services.

These business models have all been developed partly because we are not yet accustomed to paying for information or time and expect everything instantly, however, more often than not this does not provide us with the best solution to meet our needs.

Dr Elizabeth Dunn, a psychologist professor at the University of British Columbia, Canada, conducted a recent experiment with more than 6,000 adults (from the US, Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands, including many millionaires). When asked how much money they spent on buying ‘time’, less than a quarter said they did and those that did reported greater life satisfaction.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create an extra day out of thin air every month, reduce your workload, become more productive and save yourself heaps of money dealing with any purchasing, hire or selling need, knowing you got the best deal, every time for yourself ? Well that’s what a new “better decision making” start-up Smart Dealmaker that’s aimed at SMEs and individuals claims to be able to offer both online and over the telephone.

According to co-founder Amin Saleem, “We provide free time-saving tools that turn your Google searches into an automatic quotes engine, allowing you to get quick and easy quotes from any supplier or buyer, along with in-browser tools to make shortlisting suppliers, taking notes and dealing with forms all seamless within your own workflow. We also provide a team of dedicated, independent deal making professionals who always provide transparency and the best information to allow you to make the best choice for your needs.”

Amin’s previous award winning reverse auction business was a market changer, it empowered consumers by getting all suppliers to compete for your order. It generated over a quarter of a billion in orders for its suppliers and saved clients millions before he exited the business last year, his new start-up builds on the success of that platform.

We are still in BETA but feel free to give the platform a try now.

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