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Every time you purchase something you are making a choice; the effects of that choice does make a real difference to the entire supply chain required to deliver that product or service. We are working on enabling you to make better choices and understanding the implications of your choices.

Don’t worry, we won’t preach to you or tell you what to buy or who to buy from. Instead, we aim to get you the best deals on any product or service in the market. When possible we will highlight offerings from more sustainable providers, if none exist purchasing the same goods and services through us will create a contribution into projects supporting people and the planet before profit.

FMCG’s – Fast Moving ConsumerGoods only account for around 20% of GDP- Gross Domestic Product with 80% of the total economy consisting of the services sector.

The services sector is made up of a lot of organisations with little representation from marketplaces or ethical organisations. There are some limited participants in ethical services with the likes of the Fairtrade foundation, B Certified companies, Social Enterprises and many Co-ops have ethical policies.

The UK market for Ethical Purchases was valued at £38 billion in 2015 around 1.7% of GDP (total was around £2,200 billion*). Sales grew by 8.5%, making this the thirteenth year of consecutive growth for this section.

There are numerous ethical solutions in the market, some of the most successful in the UK are & Social Enterprise UK “Buy Social“.

There are many thousands of fantastic organisations providing ethical products and services mainly to their local communities. The problem is these organisations do not effectively work together in order to jointly achieve their goals. The other major issue is the lack of products and services available in the market from organisations.

We wish to help resolve these problems and are currently working on a number of initiatives utilising our experience of procurement, technology and effective online marketing strategies.

It is clear in order to make the biggest difference, it is vital to appeal to the widest possible section of society, engage, educate and provide solutions for them. While the growth of the ethical market is clearly growing faster than the overall economy at an impressive rate, take-up by the general public is very low.

Our strategy is to simply appeal to the needs of the general public and business where it’s most crucial, their pockets.

We are currently building step one of our platform, we call it our “Search Agent”. On the first inspection, the solution will look much like a “charity search engine” and will indeed utilise part of their business models. “examples of charity search engines are every click & ecosia.

Enter the keywords “Office Furniture, Building Materials or Promotional Clothing” on our homepage to get an idea of how we will promote sustainable providers.

Our solution will utilise the practices of charity search engines with the addition of:

Enhanced Results – Results will include our own algorithms giving priority to ethical organisations over commercial ones. You will be able to remove results and save results to your account. We will also include best practice, policy information in addition to relevant results not provided by Google.

Turn Search into Projects – Your saved searches instantly become projects allowing you to continue your search later, share and get others to share/co-ordinate.

Web Clippings – Capture screen grabs, content, links and specific details from the websites you visit, save that data to make it easier to share and manage data. (Download now)

Collaborate – Users can request recommendations from friends, family and associates in real-time, sharing information on the project instantly, request advice from professionals.

Easy Quotes – Your saved project can instantly be sent to all your shortlisted suppliers to request quotes, saving you contacting vendors separately repeating the same information tirelessly. Manage your replies, chase up suppliers, make notes and conduct due diligence on suppliers before selecting one.

Step 2 will be to expand our platform, as follows:

A platform – Save time in finding & contacting vendors to obtain quotes for any service or product. Suppliers can find opportunities, win business, manage that business/projects & integrate the entire process into their ERP systems.

Sector Guru’s – Users can receive assistance/advice from independent product champions in every sector.

Wanted Deals – Turn projects into a wanted deal ad on the system, thereby allowing vendors who they have not contacted and/or who are geographically near them to provide them with quotes in real-time. This also applies to post-purchase when managing projects with multiple contractors, our system would allow for replacement contracts to be called in in real-time at the click of a button when contractors let clients down.

Collective Purchase – When appropriate users can negotiate better terms with vendors, create economies of scale by benefiting from the buying power and shared intellect of the crowd. Users can also vote for what deals they want and we coordinate the deals with suitable suppliers once we have enough users who have expressed an interest.

Share Resources – Most organisations have unutilised resources, we help to increase the utilisation of all your resources. Work together with other organisations to achieve your goals, reduce costs and become more efficient.

eProcurement – We offer general online procurement services including reverse auctions.

Beat My Best Deal – Users can put their quote into reverse auction to see if any other business can beat the best deal they have for products and services, we will also specify if the winning supplier has to agree to pay UK taxes on all profits etc.

Smart Pipeline Scheduling – Integrate current calendar/booking system and allow location based tracking on your mobile. We would create algorithms and AI to overlay our users’ past tracking movements and their future calendar bookings to co-ordinate the most efficient appointment schedule.

Business Model

Our service will remain free for vendors so as to ensure the largest possible potential supply pool. We offer a freemium and client fees model, fees for time/consultation and transactional fees will apply. Our previous venture followed a similar model.

The business is a Not For Profit. We feel this will enable us to offer a more transparent service, encourage participation in all aspects of the organisation and create an exceptional organisation that people want to work for.

Help us to help others by simply using our services for your purchasing needs.


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