Use our platform to locate the highest prices for any Asset Disposal needs from your Used Plant and Machinery, Selling your Stock, Selling your Surplus and Redundant IT Inventory Assets, Selling Intellectual Property, Selling your Business, to Luxury Asset Loans.

The problem with finding the right buyer to help with your Asset Disposal needs is it’s often a time-consuming process trying to find where your closest buyers are who may be interested in your assets at the right price. Clearly the more buyers you have the higher the price you are likely to achieve for your assets.

In order to make the best decision for your particular requirement you simply need transparency, with all your possible options in one place presented to you seamlessly.

Unlike most services that only present buyers that pay them, we include every online buyer, therefore you can access all possible offers.

We provide the tools and services that enable you to conduct all your sourcing requirements from searching for every potential buyerRFQ’s, Reverse Auctions, Collective Purchasingbetter communicating to shortlisting buyers in a seamless way, unlike any other provider.

Simply complete our quick 3 step wizard to automatically create your no obligations RFQ FREE, we then get back to you within 1 business hour with a proposal.

If you proceed, you then review offers from suppliers including reviews, offerers, makes notes under their profile and communicate seamlessly through our platform, directly or via us. You only provide your contact details to the providers you want to. The entire process to create your RFQ, shortlist local potential buyers & request quotes can be done in less than 5 minutes. more info on How It Works


Step 1 – Valuations – What’s it worth?

Search to see what providers are able to offer, either online immediately or by visiting numerous websites, filling in forms, making allot of calls getting through to the right buyer, waiting for calls back and waiting for a quote.

It’s also worth searching for similar items for sale, of a similar age, history etc to give you a guide (if possible). Remember to take into account the margin for any dealers of the item into account.

If you don’t take the time to do this step comprehensively you are much more likely to be taken advantage of when it comes to receiving and accepting offers.

Most people don’t understand the psychology that shrewd buyers use in order to make you accept a far lower offer to what the true value is. Remember buyers make their real money when buying at the lowest possible price and would not think twice about offering you less than half of what it’s worth if they thought they would get away with it. The problem is the way most of these organisations are designed, the odds are in their favour, they will use sales tactics to either try to charm you or may pressure you into accepting their offer.

It’s no surprise that most people end up taking the first few offers, even though they suspect the item is more valuable…

Step 2 – Selling Options?

Once you establish what the approximate value is, you can consider the best options to sell to. If it’s not of much value then considering giving it away to a good cause is an excellent consideration.

It’s all about time and timing. If you are in a rush selling to the trade or at auction is likely to offer the quickest solution however you are likely to achieve around 5-30% less if you do so.

What you really need is transparency from an independent organization who is NOT incentivized by the buyer to help them buy at the lowest possible price. You need someone on your side checking the complete market and providing you ALL available options within your timeframe, that’s where we can help.

We can research the entire market for you, obtain the best offers and run a closed auction for you selling to the buyer offering the highest offer at very competitive rates.

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