SmartDealmaker Roadmap

Background There are thousands of fantastic small to medium size organisations in the UK providing Sustainable and Ethical/Eco products and services mainly to their local communities. These organisations have many different forms/names and include the likes of Social Enterprises, Co-Operatives, Charities, Trusts, NonGovernment Organisations, 3rd Sector & Social Movements like Fair Trade. While this sector is very dispersed and covers … Read More

Collective Purchasing Groups

Collective purchasing or (collective buying, collaborative buying, collective procurement, purchasing groups, centralised purchasing) is not to be confused with group buying and websites out there that are effectively selling deals they have agreed on upfront with a minimum threshold of customers. There are numerous group buying websites our there such as Groupon who mainly focus on the consumer market around … Read More

Supplier diversity, responsible and sustainable procurement

Supply diversity is an important part of a sustainable and the CSR (corporate social responsibility) procurement’s agenda. Supply diversity is a U.S. concept where it is a legal requirement that has become popular in Europe. The diversity of Europe is changing and procurement needs to be more welcoming. Contact us for to help you source from the largest diverse pool … Read More

Events & Venue Hire Savings

It’s that time of year again, it’s been a very fast busy 2017 for us at the Smart Dealmaker team. If you have still not got around to organising your Christmas party get us to manage the process for you and potentially save a fortune in the process. Use our simple 3 part Events Wizard to specify the details of your required event … Read More

Helping you make better decisions

Every time you purchase something you are making a choice; the effects of that choice does make a real difference to the entire supply chain required to deliver that product or service. We are working on enabling you to make better choices and understanding the implications of your choices. Don’t worry, we won’t preach to you or tell you what … Read More

Collaborative Procurement & Supply Consolidation

According to recent figures published by commercial law firm Bond Dickinson, although the volume of corporate deals has fallen post-Brexit, large companies spent £21bn on collaboration. This compares with an official figure of just £16bn on research and development. Collaborative procurement is when two or more organisations work together to engage in procurement activities in order to cut costs and enable … Read More

The Dying Supplier Directory

We’ve all used a Supplier Directory in the past from the most common like Yell to specialist industry sourcing directories. It’s staggering to think that some service like 118 118 charges a staggering £8.98 per call + £4.49 just to connect you to a supplier. Ultimately most people using a Supplier Directory are after a local service provider and can … Read More

Smart Dealmaker Buddy v 0.2.1

  Smart Dealmaker Buddy is your FREE browser extension tool that will save you a lot of time and help you to manage your sourcing needs far better than any other method that we know of. It makes research, shortlisting, keeping notes, managing communications a breeze. Download our Google Chrome plugin at the web store FREE here Smart Dealmaker Buddy lets you: … Read More

Beta v 0.2 of our Smart Agent

We have just released our Beta v0.2  of the platform, we are very excited about the potential of our initial offering with our Smart Agent, this service will only represent a small fraction of what we are working on but we hope you like it. is your smart agent in the cloud. It helps you to research and shortlist suppliers,  request … Read More

Smarter procurement could save UK SMEs £106bn

Of the small businesses that responded, 28 per cent thought they could save between £5,000 and £20,000, while 15 per cent thought they could save up to £50,000. Based on these average estimates, each SME could save £19,663 each year, which when multiplied across the UK’s 5.4 million SMEs adds up to £106 billion. View article