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Get us to manage any part of your procurement process, RFQ, FRI, Beat My Deal, Reverse Auctions, Collective Purchasing to Managing your Suppliers.


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Example – Quantity Surveyor RFQ – Request for Materials Quote

Requirements – Complete our 3 step form to create your requirement or log into your account, specify your requirement & upload relevant documents, materials list, and any images. You now have an online specification of everything a materials supplier would need to start the process to provide you with a written quotation, you can now share your requirement with anyone including preferred suppliers.

Search Hundreds of suppliers instantly to obtain quotes from, enter your search term & click “Shortlist”. You don’t even need to visit their websites at this stage and can shortlist 10 suppliers in 10 seconds.

You can also download our Google Chrome plugin to conduct your research on any website, shortlist any supplier and complete forms with all your contact and project information including attachments with the click of one button.

Shortlist – In your shortlist,  you can fine-tune your suppliers, do background checks, visit websites,   make notes & request quotes from a supplier, with the click of the “Request Quotes” button. We collect their contact email addresses for you, if they have one, if not you can use our Google Chrome plugin and continue your search using any search engines/directories you prefer, just click the icon in your browser to shortlist the supplier and automatically fill in any contact forms including a link to your requirement, saving you hours.

Requests – You can monitor all your requests, view offers, instant message suppliers, get notifications & select a supplier to start your project. Our Smart calendar feature will also allow potential suppliers to schedule a time slot right from your diary without you having to play telephone or email ping pong. You can then manage the project with the supplier over the project delivery period and beyond. All in one place and on any device.

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Architects Commission of Glass Stairs Example


Specify Your Requirement – Simply complete our simple 3 step no obligations requirements wizard, this becomes your eRFx.

Then, within 1 business hour – we review the details, confirm what can be achieved, we provide our advice on the best route forwards to achieve your desired outcome & confirm our fee.

If you then wish to proceed, we then make everything happen to achieve your goal or provide you the tools allowing you to achieve the outcome you desire yourself via our platform.

Not only can we alert your own suppliers, we can research new local, national or international suppliers on your behalf, increasing competition.

You can share your project with your own network and team members, all your data, suppliers and communication in one place centralised, collaborative on any device, any location.


Review Suppliers – You then review suppliers including, websites, reviews, offerers, makes notes under their profile and communicate seamlessly through our platform, directly or via us. You only provide your contact details to the providers you want to.

Company Checks – View, Cash, Net Worth, Assets, Liabilities, trading status, incorporation date on companies in your shortlist.

We can follow up any suppliers by, email, SMS and call them on your behalf at any stage. We can also act as your agent throughout the process so you don’t have to deal with the supplier.

Depending on the project we significantly increase competition by pitching providers against each other and even utilise a Reverse Auction, if relevant.


Select and Manage Supplier When select to proceed with a supplier, we conduct the following checks on your behalf:

  • Address Verification: Verify the provider’s address is a genuine Address. 
  • Verify Supplier is at the address: We post a letter containing a unique code the provider has to return back to us to validate they received the letter. 
  • Reference Check: We post a letter asking the person/company to reconfirm the reference is genuine.
  • Company Credit Reports: Company Credit Rating, Up-to 5 years Accounts, Ownership, Holding & Subsidiary company details, Adverse CCJ Information, Payment performance information, Full registered company details, Companies House image documents, Email Monitoring and Updates.
  • Assist you throughout: We can provide advise on any contractual questions, terms, and conditions and generally assist through the process as requested.
  • Arbitration: If any disputes arise, we can mediate between you to help get matters resolved promptly to benefit both parties.


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We are different to other providers in the following fundamental ways:

  • We don’t just license our software to allow you to run your own eRFx or Reverse Auctions, we provide a complete end to end solution to support each procurement event.
  • Unlike most marketplaces, price comparison websites and services we don’t only present suppliers that pay us, we only present sellers that should present you with the best possible deals, including, price, availability, service and reduced risk.
  • We use the latest technologies and methods corporates use in addition to some that we have exclusively developed to save time, money & reduce risk.
  • We can do all the negotiation with suppliers, utilising over 20 years of experience to make your project a success.
  • We do all the background checks, validate suppliers/traders addresses and references, to greatly reduce the risk of things going wrong.
  • While reviews are a good indication of a suppliers capability, many are fake and there are so many factors to consider that we incorporate in everything that we do.
  • Not only do we know all the tricks you need to know to get the best deals from the best strategies, methods, and technology to use, we also know what tricks shoddy and unscrupulous suppliers use and help you avoid making costly mistakes.
  • In every case, we present you with the best providers matching your exact needs.
  • We can complement and assist your, ask us what we think about any suppliers/services we investigate and give you our opinion. Alternatively, just tell us what you need and we can take over the entire process and make it happen so you can focus on other things.
  • Always get a minimum of 3 competitive quotes to make sure you don’t overpay or undersell any assets.